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We have taken games, software, reliability, integrity, and service into account when making our recommendations. We trust that you will enjoy your visit to our recommended online casinos. Slots are amongst the most popular of online casino games. They started out as pretty simply one line machines but today sees us with a multitude of choices. (You will find our recommended casinos just below the list below).

Types of slots

  1. The classical 3 reel, 1 line machine. You simply spin away until you get 3 winning symbols in alignment. The payout is set out in a table on the machine. Our favourites:
    Couch Potato (a microgaming slot)
    Crazy Crocodile (a microgaming slot)
  2. The 3 reel, 3 line slot. Your coins purchase you extra lines, i.e. the top and bottom line thus giving you 3 chances at winning.
    Goblins Gold (a microgaming slot)
    Samurai 7's (a microgaming slot)
  3. The 5 or more reel slot. With these, you tend to find larger variations of "lines" with zigzag like patterns also giving a return. These slots eat up money but big surprise wins are the order of the day.
    Super Diamond Mine (a Real Time Gaming Slot)
    Secret Admirer (a microgaming slot)
    NEW - Tomb Raider (a Brilliant microgaming slot and a BIG winner)
  4. Progressive Machines. A network of machines are connected and all contribute to the Jackpot prize.
    Gold Rally (a playtech slot)
    Major Millions (a microgaming slot)
    NEW - King Cashalot (a wonderful microgaming slot)
  5. Bonus machines. A newer innovation with the advent of video slots is the bonus game feature. You get to play bonus rounds and it's great fun!
    Super Diamond Mine (a Real Time Gaming Slot)
    Skull Duggery (a microgaming slot)
    NEW - Tomb Raider (a Brilliant microgaming slot and a BIG winner)
  6. Multispin Machines. Unique machines that allow the player to spin one reel first, then hold selected symbols and spin the reels again. (Up to five lines). These games are unique to Playtech and we love them. Our favourites:
    Goblins Cave
    Tropic Reels
    Ocean Princess

Best Slots Casinos

Silversands Online Casino

Software wise, here is the way I, as a casino slots player, see things:

  • Real Time Gaming Casinos (RTG) have a nice variety and feature the unique mini slots to keep your mind active. The graphics are nice and the games play quickly. My favourite RTG's are Silver Sands and Jackpots Cash

A number of casinos simply put different skins on machines to increase the variety. Our featured casinos however are very focussed on player enjoyment and offer a wide variety of unique games.

Slots Strategy

In terms of a strategy, the VERY FIRST THING is money or bankroll management. You need to determine what you are prepared to spend and then gamble accordingly. I really don't want to see anyone lose more than they can afford! Here is a very simple money management system that works for me:

  • Assume the following: 10 spins per minute at 3 coins per spin with a return of 95%
  • 10c gives you a spend rate of $9 per hour
  • 25c gives you a spend rate of $22.50 per hour
  • 50c gives you a spend rate of $50 per hour
  • $1 gives you a spend rate of $100 per hour
  • $5 gives you a spend rate of $500 per hour

During your play, what you are hoping to do is NOT throw away the projected spend rate but of course you want to win a progressive jackpot or similar "Big payout". When you do, you cashout and walk away a winner. You don't stick around and lose everything back! You must also realise that BIG wins are not common and you really should stick to a good budget plan and be quite happy to walk away even if you have not won. Simply put, when you reach your budgeted spend, walk away, no more "just one more spin".

What we suggest as a base strategy is to first play the "flat rate" machines and thereafter move onto the more meaty, higher paying (with a higher risk of losing) machines. We suggest playing through a max barrier of for example $100 and then cashing out any winnings. Only then do you proceed onto the progressive type machines. The golden rule though is to always play the maximum coinage. If you look at the pay tables, you will see that the "jackpot" doesn't just grow on a 1, 2, 3 basis, it grows something like 1, 2, lots and lots! Just think of the disappointment of hitting three 7's and only using one coin! Just think of the disappointment if the jackpot is paying over $100 000! I heard of it happening to a friend. Believe me, you don't want to go there! Rather play a smaller denomination machine for maximum coins. You may just get lucky.

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